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Workspace Basics

Information about getting started with your workspace, how you can use PBworks in your organization, and examples of successful workspaces. .

My PBworks Account

This section will introduce you to the basics of a PBworks Account.


This section provides screenshots and step-by-step instructions for using workspace features.

Inviting Users

This section shows you how to share your workspace and set different levels of access control. .

**Organizing Your Workspace**

Organize your workspace with instructions for pages, files, folders, templates, page tags, and searching.

Project Edition external image -1.png

For subscribers to the PBworks Project Edition, this section provides information about how to configure your network, work within your network workspaces, administer your users, and manage your company projects.

Safety and Security

Learn how to work with your workspace security and privacy settings to customize who can edit, view, or access information on your workspace..

Admin Settings

For workspace administrators, this section gives you information about the settings on your workspace and applying premium features.


The billing section of our user manual provides information about upgrading, downgrading, or cancellation your premium PBworks account.


This section offers tips and solutions to common issues.